Finding Faith in Art: Loyola Press Celebrates Creative Expressions of Faith

May 10, 2013

Arts and Faith

Arts and Faith

Arts and Faith

A religion teacher who prays while singing opera. A lieutenant in Afghanistan who brings spiritual healing to soldiers through artwork. A young dancer who uses movement to interpret Scripture. A Jesuit who studies Mexican drug ballads to find God’s presence. These are a few of the fascinating stories we’ll be bringing you in Loyola Press’s new series, Arts and Faith.

Arts and Faith is a collection of stories from Catholics around the globe who demonstrate the inspiring—and surprising—ways art expresses and deepens their relationship with God.

The special series kicks off on with daily articles, videos, slide shows, podcasts and more from four categories of interpretive art: Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Arts.

Arts and Faith covers a wide scope of the personal and public ways faith is shared. A catechist explains why and how arts and crafts should be used in the classroom. A twenty-something describes his ministry of playing the organ at multiple parishes every weekend. A faith formation leader reflects on how she prays a form of the Examen through photography. Whether you’re a catechist, an artist, or a creative soul, you’re sure to find inspiration and meaning in the stories you’ll hear.

The stories in Arts and Faith capture snapshots of how spirituality is explored, revealed and ultimately, celebrated in our faith communities. We hope these 40+ stories inspire you to tap your own talents to express your faith through sewing, sculpting, design, fashion, cooking, collage, spoken word, photography, poetry, modern dance, and so on.

As our series illustrates, you don’t have to be a Monet to participate in the arts. Jump in, explore the stories, and share the creative ways you’re expressing your faith!


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